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Holocaust victims’ kin torches women’s groups’ silence on Hamas atrocities: ‘Horrendous’

A Jewish-American columnist who is the descendant of Holocaust victims lambasted top women’s groups for their silence against documented evidence of widespread rapes, dismemberment and torture of Israeli women by Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

Daniella Greenbaum Davis told FOX News she is outraged at the silence or countervailing comments from women’s rights activists and those who proclaim to be part of the #MeToo movement or other liberal causes.

In one case cited by “The Story” anchor Martha MacCallum, a volunteer member of Israel’s October 7 Response Team appeared shellshocked at a podium as he recounted some of the horrors he and his team viewed as they recovered bodies of those murdered by Hamas.

“Her body was brutal (sic) in a way that we cannot identify her from her head to toes. She was abused in a way that we could not understand and cannot deal with,” said Simcha Greinman in public remarks.


MacCallum reported to Davis that the World Health Organization, Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March group, and EMILY’s List have all said little or nothing about the abuse and murder of women by Hamas.

“I never could have imagined this. I think we talk about MeToo. We talk about ‘believe all women’. We talk about what it means to be a good feminist and support each other. And there has never been as much evidence in a case of sexual assault that we have right now with what happened on October 7th,” Davis said, adding there is likely more abuse occurring among women still held by Hamas in Gaza.

She said there are documented accounts from groups like Greinman’s of corpses with broken pelvic bones, potentially signifying rapes, and severed Achilles tendons to prevent kidnapped women from running away.


“And still, we’re seeing silence from U.N. Women, from the MeToo movement, from every single community of women that I would have expected would have shown up in this moment,” said Davis, who recently returned from Israel to volunteer with the recovery.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed that sentiment on Tuesday, publicly addressing worldwide women’s organizations: 

“You’ve heard of the rape of Israeli women – horrible atrocities, sexual mutilation – where the hell are you?” Netanyahu said.

Later, MacCallum read a tweet from a former press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, which drew widespread scorn:

“Believe all women was always an absurd overreach. Women should be heard, claims should be investigated, but evidence is required. The same is true of the allegations out of Israel. But also, this isn’t a ‘believe women’ scenario because no female victims have offered testimony,” Briahna Gray wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.


Davis claimed the message showed a belief that Israeli women “aren’t human” to some detractors and that for those who deny the existence of evidence of Hamas atrocities, they are not just being reported on FOX News in right-leaning media, but by such left-wing standards as the New York Times as of late.

“I think we need to be able to … remember that on October 7, there was no act of war: Hamas broke a cease-fire, came in to innocent communities, raped women and children, kidnapped Holocaust survivors, shot parents in front of their children, shot children in front of their parents. And so now there’s a war and people are dying on both sides,” Davis said.

“And it’s horrendous. And we can’t lose sight of how we got here.”

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