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Homeowner Fires in Self-Defense at Erratic Drifter in Indiana

The scant details of a late November shooting read almost like a Western – a lot of them were titled “The Man From…” – but seem to indicate an unstable drifter who got himself into trouble.

Police responded to a Nov. 27 call in Vanderburgh County, Ind., according to WTHI-TV, finding a homeowner/area resident who reported that he’d been attacked in his driveway by a man from Vincennes, and fired in self-defense.

The man was found at the scene with a gunshot wound to his leg, which deputies treated with a tourniquet according to the Evansville Courier & Press before transporting him to a hospital. The identity of the man was not released, save that he was from Vincennes, Ind.

The homeowner turned over his firearm and was not detained nor charged at the time.

Vanderburgh County sheriff’s deputies also reported that it was the second contact with the man from Vincennes that day. Area residents had noticed him walking down the road and behaving erratically, prompting a call to police and a welfare check. The man identified himself only as – you’ll never guess this – being from Vincennes.

Having no reason to hold him, he was sent on his way. Police could not find any reason the man could have had to be in the area; nobody knew him, and he gave no reason as to why he was there.

The Vanderburgh County prosecutor’s office is investigating the incident further but has not filed any charges as of yet.

Odd Behavior Is Sometimes Just Odd…But Sometimes It’s More Than That

While details are obviously not in abundance, it could be interpreted as an unstable drifter who went to a new area and went looking for trouble, which he found. It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks that way.

Odd or erratic behavior draws attention because it communicates instability. A person being a bit odd might not necessarily mean they’re violent or dangerous; some people are just a little touched, so to speak, but some people are genuinely unstable, and some of them are or can be very dangerous to themselves or others.

When we see people behaving in very odd ways in public, especially if it’s someone who seems out of place, we instinctively wonder if perhaps something is awry. That’s a good instinct to pay attention to because it very well might be.

“The Man From Vincennes” also sounds like a pretty decent Western.

Pre-Attack Behavior of Active Killers

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