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Oakland Homeowner Fatally Shoots One Intruder, Accomplice Charged w/ Murder

OAKLAND, CA – A homeowner’s defense against a home invasion on March 15 in East Oakland resulted in the death of one burglar and a justifiable homicide ruling by police and prosecutors. The incident, which occurred in the 1300 block of 102nd Avenue around 10:30 p.m., also led to the homeowner sustaining a gunshot wound to the foot.

According to the Mercury News, one of the intruders and a San Francisco resident, was killed during an exchange of gunfire with the homeowner. David Washington, 38, Calloway’s alleged accomplice and also from San Francisco, has been charged with Calloway’s murder. The charge is based on the premise that Washington’s actions provoked the homeowner into using lawful self-defense, leading to Calloway’s death.

According to police reports, Calloway and Washington forced entry through the backdoor of the residence, leading to a shootout with the homeowner. While Calloway died at the scene, the homeowner was later treated for the foot injury. Washington managed to escape but was identified as a suspect through digital data, video surveillance, and witness statements.

Washington was arrested on March 25 in San Francisco. During the arrest, he denied any involvement in the incident. He remains in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without bail.

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