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Panic At Tampa Premium Outlets As Fears Of Mass Shooting Results In Multiple Injuries

TAMPA, FLORIDA — Officials in Pasco County have confirmed that there was no shooting at Tampa Premium Outlets, despite earlier reports of a possible active shooter on Sunday evening. The situation began around 4:30 p.m. when a fire alarm was triggered, causing panic and confusion among shoppers. Kevin Miller, whose daughter and her friends were at the mall and then moved to a nearby entertainment venue, Main Event, described the chaotic scene as the venue went into lockdown following rumors of a shooting.

Miller, recalling the incident, noted the heavy police presence and traffic congestion, indicating the possible severity of the situation. His daughter, who was at Main Event, contacted him during the incident, expressing her fear over the rumored shooter.

Another witness, Diego Vasilik, reported hearing a fire alarm going off, and then what sounded like gunshots, followed by ensuing chaos. Vasilik, who was with his family, described the fear and urgency as people rushed to escape, leading to some minor injuries and medical events.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office stated that there was no evidence to support the initial reports of a shooting. The only injuries reported were due to the rush that ensued following the alarm.

The incident remains under investigation, but authorities have confirmed that no shooting occurred at the mall.

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