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Pregnant Woman Shoots Attacker In The Neck In Parking Garage To Save Family

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS — A pregnant woman from Tennessee defended her family by shooting an attacker in an Arkansas parking garage. The family, who had traveled to Little Rock to celebrate their daughter’s seventh birthday, was ambushed while packing their car in the River Market parking garage. The assailant physically assaulted the father and the mother, causing the father to be repeatedly struck and pinned down, while the mother sustained injuries including a fractured rib and bruises on her forehead.

In response to the assault, the pregnant woman drew a firearm and shot one of the attackers in the neck, subsequently calling 911. The injured attacker was hospitalized, while the authorities are still searching for the second assailant involved in the incident.

Despite the traumatic experience, the family remains undeterred from visiting the city again. The husband, reflecting on the incident, mentioned that they reside in Memphis where such incidents are not uncommon. He emphasized that they would not allow this event to overshadow their lives or hinder their love for traveling.

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