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Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Comp Review | INTEGRAL COMPENSATOR!

The Springfield Hellcat Pro Comp OSP is the latest addition to Springfield Armory’s popular Hellcat line of concealed carry pistols. This new model features an integrated compensator designed to reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise, making it easier to shoot quickly and accurately. I was excited to try out this new pistol, especially since I regularly carry a Sig P365 XL Spectre Comp.

Size and Feel

The Hellcat Pro Comp is virtually identical in size to the standard Hellcat Pro, with a 3.5-inch barrel and a width of 1 inch. The grip texture is also the same, providing a comfortable and secure hold. The trigger is consistent with other Hellcat models, offering a smooth and predictable pull. The Pro Comp’s dimensions make it an excellent choice for concealed carry, striking a balance between being compact enough for easy concealment and large enough to manage recoil effectively.

You can view my review of the original Hellcat Pro below:


I’ve had the Hellcat Pro Comp for about a month and a half and have put just over 600 rounds through it without any malfunctions. The compensator works as advertised, noticeably reducing muzzle rise compared to non-compensated pistols. I compared the Pro Comp to several other pistols, including the Glock 48, the original Hellcat, and my Sig P365 XL Spectre Comp. The Pro Comp consistently produced less muzzle rise, allowing me to get back on target faster. The recoil reduction was comparable to my Sig, even though the compensator designs are different.


The Hellcat Pro Comp comes with a 15-round magazine and a 17-round extended magazine, providing ample capacity for a concealed carry pistol. It’s also optics-ready, with a milled slide that fits the Springfield Micro footprint for popular micro red dots. The pistol features a versatile picatinny rail for attaching lights or lasers.

Carrying the Hellcat Pro Comp

I would definitely carry the Hellcat Pro Comp. While I won’t be switching from my Sig P365, the Pro Comp is a great option for anyone in the market for a new concealed carry gun. If you’re already considering a Hellcat Pro, the compensated version is worth a look for the reduced recoil.


The Springfield Hellcat Pro Comp is a reliable and effective concealed carry pistol that delivers on its promise of reduced recoil and improved shootability. Its compact size, ample capacity, and optics-ready design make it a top contender in the concealed carry market.

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