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Suspect Killed in Police Shootout After Killing 3, Wounding 1 UNLV Faculty Members

UPDATE: The suspect is reported to have been in his 60s and previously applied for a job at UNLV but was not hired. Using a handgun, he shot three and wounded one, all school faculty members. It is reported that he died in a shootout with the police.

UPDATE 1:56 PM – From Sheriff Kevin McMahill: “No more threat to the community. The suspect is deceased. Right now, we know there are 3 victims, but unknown extent of the injuries. That number could change. We will update you when we know more.”

UPDATE: 1:38 PM – LVMPD Sheriff: There is NO further threat. No idea about motive. A number of victims have been transported to area hospitals. Those details will be available soon. The investigation is active and continuing.

UPDATE 1:23 PM – LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill and Adam Garcia will be providing a preliminary update at Harmon Ave and Escondido in a few minutes.

UPDATE: 1:02 PM – I’ve received a report from an unnamed source that there are 28 injured and 5 deceased victims so far.

UPDATE 12:46 PM – Suspect is deceased. There have been reports of numerous victims. One post on Twitter reported 28 people shot but there have been no reports to verify that. We will update this story as it develops.

UPDATE 12:37 PM – Las Vegas Metro Police Department posted that the suspect is contained and to avoid the area.

LAS Vegas, NV – Police and SWAT teams are actively responding to an active shooter situation on UNLV campus. Alerts are being posted to the UNLV Emergency Notifications Page and their Twitter account. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department is also posting updated on their Twitter account.

At Dec. 6, 2023, 11:54am, UNLV posted the following on their alert page:

University Police responding to report of shots fire in BEH evacuate to a safe area, RUN-HIDE-FIGHT.

As of a few minutes ago, they posted that it is still being investigated:

University Police continues to respond to an active shooter in BEH. Continue to shelter-in-place.

There have been some video on Twitter showing the police response:

This is a developing story and will update as well get more information.

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