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Texas man convicted of sexual assault on the run after failing to appear in court for sentencing

A Texas man convicted of sexual assault is on the run after he failed to appear in court for his sentencing. 

A Travis County jury found Hai Vo guilty of aggravated sexual assault after a three-day trial and three hours of deliberation, the Travis County District Attorney’s office said on March 28. The next day, he was missing during his court proceeding. 

Prosecutors had requested that Vo be detained after the guilty verdict, but the request was denied. 

“When a defendant knows that they are likely facing a significant amount of prison time, our concern is that the risk is heightened, that they may be a flight risk. That is why we requested that this defendant be remanded into custody,” Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza said.


Vo’s punishment was assessed by a jury at 10 years. 

Judge Bob Perkins presided over the case and told FOX Austin that Vo was present for all his previous court appearances, and there wasn’t any indication that he wouldn’t show up for his sentencing. 

Vo was convicted of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old disabled woman. Authorities got involved when the victim told her mother that she was violated by someone she knew from church following a Lunar New Year event.

Her family was at the church event in January 2020, and she stayed behind to watch the end of the festivities. 

Vo offered to take her home and took her to his house where he took photos of her, an affidavit said. He then touched her inappropriately while she was changing clothes and sexually assaulted her, authorities said. Vo told investigators he encouraged her to change outfits but denied the assault. 

Travis County criminal court building

“To the family, I am so sorry that the family has to continue to wait for justice in this case. We’re really grateful to them and to their cooperation that allowed us to secure this verdict. We’re also incredibly grateful to our law enforcement partners, who helped us secure this outcome,” Garza said. 

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