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Trespassing Incident Leads To Murder Charges For Father-Son Farmers

In South Carolina, Ryan Jordan Lindler Sr., 52, and his son, Ryan Lindler Jr., 26, who run a family farm, were granted bond after being charged with the murder of their neighbor, Kevin Lester Newhouse, 36. The incident, stemming from an alleged trespassing situation, occurred on December 6.

Court documents state that Ryan Jr. fired a Glock pistol, hitting Newhouse in the head. The defense lawyer expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision to grant bond, citing support from the community for the Lindlers.

According to the sheriff’s office, Ryan Jr. claimed that Newhouse attacked them with a machete, injuring both father and son. However, investigations suggest that Ryan Sr. disarmed Newhouse before instructing his son to shoot the now-unarmed victim.

The Lindlers, who have no significant criminal history, are now facing murder charges. Their attorney, Eric Bland, anticipates that the case will center around property rights and defense against trespassers and vandals. He highlighted the lack of criminal background for both Lindlers, mentioning that Ryan Jr. has only ever received a speeding ticket.

The Lindlers manage Lindler Farms, known for beef, hay, and foraging. This incident occurred at a house Ryan Jr. is building with his fiancée. The couple are planning to get married in three weeks.

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