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VIDEO: Woman Targeted In Armed Home Invasion After Husband’s Passing

A woman in Glendale was violently robbed at gunpoint in her home, an incident captured on camera. While her children were at school, a man entered her house, held her at gunpoint, and stole cash. The suspect, unknown to her, took thousands of dollars, part of her savings intended for investment that she received from an insurance company after her husband passed away.

During the robbery, he threatened her life and fired a shot in her closet. The woman, still traumatized, recounted the man’s soulless demeanor and the invasion of her privacy.

The woman suspects the robber knew of the insurance money she received after her husband’s death.

It’s important to remember not to discuss things like this with anyone where it’s not absolutely necessary, because if the wrong person knows that you have cash in the house, you can quickly become a target. Additionally, since this is Concealed Nation, what is your home defense strategy? Do you have a plan that you’ve discussed with all members of the family? What tools do you have in place to defend against such an encounter?

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