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Woman Opens Fire In Portland Airport “In Order To Not Go Kill Her Family”

PORTLAND, OREGON — On a recent Tuesday night at Portland International Airport, Laura Patterson, 47, engaged in a shooting incident, later telling police she fired her gun to avoid harming her family. Arrested by Port of Portland police, Patterson is facing numerous charges, including four counts of attempted murder. She traveled from Kennewick, Washington, with the intention of discharging her firearm at the airport, but not to injure anyone.

Court documents reveal that Patterson arrived at the airport’s security checkpoint, withdrew her gun from her purse, and fired. She explained her actions as a way to prevent herself from killing her family members. The incident, which took place around 11:11 p.m. near the checkpoint, did not result in any injuries. Patterson was identified and apprehended by police, who described her as unexpectedly calm during the arrest.

Witnesses reported hearing gunshots and seeing Patterson place the gun on the floor. One witness, Patrick Leonard, recalled Patterson admitting to dropping the gun because she was “crazy.” Patterson, in custody, confessed to deliberately bringing the loaded gun to the airport, driven by her desire to harm her relatives in Texas.

The shooting caused over $10,000 in damages to the airport’s ceiling, as stated by the airport maintenance department.

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