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YouTube Pranksters Facing Charges For Their Bank Robbery Prank, Lucky They Didn’t Get Shot

Courtesy YouTube / Inside Edition

I’ve covered a number of stories about YouTubers who went too far, even one who was shot during a prank gone wrong. New to the table are Alan and Alex Stokes, twin brother YouTubers who are now facing charges after running around pretending that they just robbed a bank.

Some witnesses called 911, and police show up to discover it’s all a prank. They’re not happy about it, either.

One officer reminds them of how lucky they are that they didn’t get a gun drawn on them.

They hopped into an Uber, the driver relatively calm as he told the pair to get out of his vehicle.

It’s risky business with these ‘pranks’ in public, and one can only hope that the people who create this content change up their approach to gaining YouTube fame.

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