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Israel-Hamas War Intensifies As Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

The Israel-Hamas war continues to intensify as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency head says an increasing number of people in bombarded and besieged Gaza “haven’t eaten for one, two or three days”.

At least 18,787 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th. The revised death toll in Israel stands at 1,147.

UNRWA says that hunger is increasing in Gaza as the bombings continue and the war rages on.

Hamas: Hostages Will Not Leave Alive If Demands Are Not Met

Israel’s defense minister says that this war will last months, according to a report by The New York Times. Israel continues to say that this war will continue until the Hamas terrorist group is eradicated from the globe.  Hamas has ruled over Gaza for about 16 years.

Because of that goal, Israel has been pushing Gaza’s 2.2 million residents relentlessly south as its forces seek to destroy Hamas’s military wing and its infrastructure, and about 85 percent of the population has been displaced. Hundreds of thousands of displaced people are now living in squalid, cramped conditions in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost region, right along the border with Egypt.

Jordan Warns Israel Cannot be Allowed to “Win” The War in Gaza

The longer this war rages on, the more proxy groups and allies will surface supporting one side or the other. Iran, Jordan, and Lebanon have already participated in this war. Not to mention the United States which is obviously aligning with Israel in support of what many are calling genocide in Gaza.

“There’s a full expectation that what was provided to them [Israel] will be used appropriately in accordance with the law of armed conflict, but we’re not at this time putting any additional strings on the assistance that we’re providing,” a senior Biden administration official said in an interview. That hands-off posture could become untenable for Biden amid accusations that Israel is inflicting needless suffering on Palestinians who cannot escape the shelling.

U.S. Warship Responds To Houthi Terror Attacks In Red Seas


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