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Monkeypox: Deadly New Form Poses A “Global Threat”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States is warning that a deadly new strain of mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) is spreading in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More people have become infected with this form of mpox, and should it leave the DRC, the CDC warns it will be a “global threat.”

According to a report by Forbes, an increase in cases involving the more lethal strain of the mpox virus, which is broken into two genetically distinct groups called clade, “raises concerns” the virus could spread to other countries, according to the CDC, which called for “coordinated, urgent global action” to contain the virus.

The Clade X Simulation Shows We Are NOT READY: Here’s How a Pandemic Virus Could Kill 900 Million People

Since 2023, the DRC has reported an “unprecedented number” of suspected Clade I virus cases, according to the CDC, which previously warned of cases in surrounding Central African countries.

This isn’t the first time the mainstream media has tried to warn of a mpox virus that could cause a pandemic,

New Strain Of Monkeypox Discovered In Africa Has “Pandemic Potential”

So far, the ruling classes have said there are no cases outside of Africa.

The evidence suggests that Clade I is now primarily being spread among adults through sexual contact. While most of the suspected cases of Clade I in the DRC (67%) are in children under 15, children in the U.S. are less likely to become infected and are less vulnerable to the virus because they live in households with fewer occupants and have access to cleaning and hygiene resources, according to the CDC.

Researchers: The Monkeypox Virus Is “Mutating”

The global outbreak in 2022 affected mostly homosexual and bisexual men, as well as both male and female sex workers. But this time, it looks like the mpox virus can just be spread through close contact.

The CDC continues to warn that this “resurgence” of mpox is a concern because it appears to be deadlier than the previous outbreak.

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