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U.S. Heat Waves Break Records

A long-running heat wave that has already shattered previous records across the United States continues to persist. On Sunday, the heat was baking parts of the West with dangerous temperatures that caused the death of a motorcyclist in Death Valley and held the East in its hot and humid grip.

An excessive heat warning was issued by the National Weather Service and given its highest alert. The warning is in effect for about 36 million people, or about 10% of the U.S.  population, said NWS meteorologist Bryan Jackson. Dozens of locations in the West and Pacific Northwest tied or broke previous heat records, according to a report by CNN. 

Many areas in Northern California surpassed 110 degrees, with the city of Redding topping out at a record 119 degrees. Phoenix set a new daily record Sunday for the warmest low temperature: it never got below 92 degrees. A high temperature of 129 was recorded Saturday and Sunday at Death Valley National Park in eastern California, where a visitor died Saturday from heat exposure and another person was hospitalized, officials said.

“While this is a very exciting time to experience potential world record-setting temperatures in Death Valley, we encourage visitors to choose their activities carefully, avoiding prolonged periods of time outside of an air-conditioned vehicle or building when temperatures are this high,” said park Superintendent Mike Reynolds.

🫠 https://t.co/FAwKgjKCG7 pic.twitter.com/H9rWEz6Ce4

— NWS Las Vegas (@NWSVegas) July 7, 2024


Triple-digit temperatures were also common across Oregon, where several records were toppled, including in the city of Salem, where on Sunday it hit 103 degrees, topping the 99-degree mark set in 1960. On the more humid East Coast, temperatures above 100 degrees were widespread, though no excessive heat advisories were in effect for Sunday.

The ruling class and its lapdog media are of course blaming humans and using this as an excuse to further push the climate change narrative.

“This is more than a statistical oddity and it highlights a large and continuing shift in our climate,” said Carlo Buontempo, director of Copernicus. “Even if this specific streak of extremes ends at some point, we are bound to see new records being broken as the climate continues to warm. This is inevitable unless we stop adding GHG (greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere and the oceans.”

There are ways to stay cool if the heat causes grid failures too. While the media has not specifically warned that the grid is in danger, these tips could help those who don’t have access to air conditioning as well.


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