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Get a Grip: Must-Have AR Pistol Grips

When you get an AR-15 from the factory, you might assume it’s fine as-is. After all, the gun comes with everything you need to use it, and that includes basics like the pistol grip. Why mess with the pistol grip? Isn’t it fine the way it is? You might see your AR’s pistol grip as a part of little to no consequence, but in reality, it matters more than you realize. Having the wrong pistol grip can mess with accuracy and make longer shooting sessions uncomfortable. It’s worth considering swapping out your pistol grip. We’re going to share some of our favorite pistol grips and explain why they matter.

Hexmag pistol grips are both cool and functional. [Photo: Hexmag/Sentry Tactical]

Hexmag/Sentry Tactical Advanced Tactical Grip

Spend much time running your AR-15 and you’re going to find out that cheap standard pistol grips aren’t that great. The Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip changes things up by making the pistol grip feel better in your hand. It has a recognizable hexagon/honeycomb pattern, and while you might think that’s just for aesthetics, it also makes it a more secure gripping surface. And unlike the tiny laser-cuts in standard factory pistol grips, this one has raised, smooth edges that just feel right.

The downside to this grip is that it’s a little harder to find than some. But if you can find it, it’s a great model to put on your AR-15. While I almost hate to describe it as “squishy,” it does have a slightly squishier feel than the cheap plastic grips you get in a lower parts kit. It’s perfectly strong and rigid, so don’t worry about that. It just also has a tiny bit of give that I like. I have this grip on a few of my AR builds. In addition to its slightly softer feel, it has an extended beavertail that protects your hands from pinching edges and also helps you keep a firm hold on the gun.

magpul moe+ grip
Like storage space? Then you want the Magpul MOE+ Grip. [Photo: Magpul]

Magpul MOE+ Grip

Do you know that meme that’s floating around that shows a bunch of gummy bears being stored in someone’s AR pistol grip? Well, if the idea of toting around snacks appeals to you, check out the Magpul MOE+ Grip. Of course, you can also use the storage compartment in the base of this pistol grip for other things like batteries and spare parts. This is another option that seriously ups the comfort level of shooting thanks to the attention Magpul paid to the surface. It has lightly textured sides that give you just enough grip to hold on without overdoing it. Then, it also has cuts in the face and backstrap for extra grippiness.

As with everything Magpul, the MOE+ Grip is well-made. It’s rubber molded over reinforced polymer, so you can be confident it’ll stand up to the abuse you heap on it. The storage core has a little clip that’s easy to pull back for access but also tough enough it doesn’t just fall open whenever. This grip is a favorite of mine for guns running battery-powered optics. We’ve all been at the range or on a hunt and had a battery failure, am I right? Make your life easier by putting a spare in the grip. Magpul does offer a few storage cores for the MOE+ that are specifically made for things like batteries, bolts, and firing pins. If you run your gun hard, this might be the ideal pistol grip for you.

vz ar grip
Extra-aggressive, extra-tough? These are some seriously hardcore grips. [Photo: VZ]

VZ Grips Stipple-Gen 2 Rifle Grip

You probably did a double take on that product name, and now you’re wondering if this is the same company that makes the rugged grips found on a lot of 1911s. Yes, it is, and this particular AR-15 pistol grip is for a particular niche: people who prefer aggressive, wildly tough pistol grips. It’s worth mentioning these aren’t just wear-resistant, they look good, too. VZ makes them in a vast array of colors and textures, so the sky is practically the limit.

The AR-15 VZ Stipple pistol grip is made with what looks like a wavy surface. It’s quite aggressive and makes it so you’re not going to slip no matter what—water, oil, zombie apocalypse—your hand will stay put. And because it closely mimics the company’s 1911 grips, it can be ideal for shooters who like the way their 1911 feels. The grip is made with a 17-degree angle and a standard 4.0-inch overall length, which is great for most shooters (if you want a slightly shorter grip, they make that, too). This grip is made to connect flush with the lower receiver and does not have a beavertail. VZ made these exceptionally well, and they’re a fantastic choice for 1911 fans and AR-15 lovers who want a gun that can take a beating and look good doing it.

ergo zero degree grip
Looking to up your precision game? The zero-angle grip might be perfect. [Photo: Ergo]

Ergo TDX-0

Don’t like the angle on your AR-15’s pistol grip? Want to do away with it entirely? Then, the Ergo TDX-0 is for you. This is a zero-angle pistol grip—that’s right, it’s straight up and down instead of being slightly angled back. Ergo markets this one for precision rifle chassis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw it on your range gun or hunting rig. Much like handguns, changing the angle of the pistol grip on an AR-15 can be a good thing, and you might not realize you need it until you try it. Ergo used their over-molded Suregrip material to make this one, giving it a solid feel in the hand.

The Ergo TDX-0 does have a palm swell, so it fits more naturally into your hand. After all, if it was straight like a 2×4, it really wouldn’t work from an ergonomic standpoint. It also has finger grooves, which might be a deal-breaker for some shooters. The good news on the finger grooves is that they’re gentle and gradually curved, not sharply defined. There’s texturing on either side of the grip for extra hold during use. This is a great pistol grip, so don’t knock it until you try it. It changes the angle of your grip just enough that it can make quite a difference in how you get on the gun, and that can mean a lot of gains on target.

aluminum grip
Super lightweight and resistant to damage? This is a great pistol grip for hard-use guns. [Photo: Guntec]

Guntec USA Ultralight Series Skeletonized Aluminum Pistol Grip

This is another pistol grip that’s made with specific shooters in mind. Skeletonized and/or aluminum grips might not be your personal preference, but there are times and guns where they make perfect sense. Not only does this Guntec pistol grip help cut weight on your gun, but it also offers a rock-solid, consistent surface that’s incredibly resistant to damage. Guntec makes this Ultralight Series Skeletonized model using T6 aluminum, which means it’s strong, durable and has a great degree of hardness. It’s tough enough that it’s difficult to bend or crack this aluminum. You can even hit your rifle against whatever surface and be confident the pistol grip will survive (not that we recommend slamming your gun against things, but things happen).

Because of the material and the fact that this pistol grip is skeletonized, it’s also lighter weight. That makes it a great option if you want to reduce the overall weight of your rifle. This model has finger grooves as part of the design, which is probably smart, considering there’s zero flex to aluminum. It’s one of the most durable designs you can get, plus it’s super light—and comes in a lot of different colors—so if you’re hard on your gun and want a lightweight setup, check it out.

In the End

Believe it or not, the angle and material of your pistol grip can make a big difference in accuracy. Don’t assume the factory-included pistol grip is ideal for you because the odds are good you’d benefit from an aftermarket upgrade. There’s a whole wide world of pistol grips out there. Don’t limit yourself.

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