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Bird Flu “Runs Rampant” In U.S. Dairy Cattle

Mainstream media outlets are reporting that the bird flu outbreak is running rampant in dairy cattle in the United States. Now that the H5N1 avian influenza has infected an alpaca and polar bear, the fear-mongering has ramped up substantially.

More than three years into a worldwide outbreak of bird flu, the virus continues to expand in the U.S., with growing impacts on food production and animals. Over 80 million chickens, thousands of wild birds, and dozens of mammal species, including a polar bear, have been infected.  The ruling class’s “cull first ask questions later” scheme isn’t working to control this outbreak either. Is that because this is the next plandemic?

The rulers have been putting it out there for quite a while, so it’s definitely possible.

Robert Redfield Says Bird Flu Pandemic WILL HAPPEN

In fact, infamous members of the control structure have funded research that says bird flu is going to be the next one.

Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

According to a report by USA Today, bird flu is running rampant among dairy cows, turning up in 94 herds across 12 states since March. The latest animal to test positive was an alpaca on an Idaho farm. “It’s gigantic, the scope and scale of the presence of the disease,” said Julianna Lenoch, national coordinator for the Department of Agriculture’s wildlife disease program.

Right now, the media is treating this a lot like it did the COVID-19 scamdemic. It’s claiming the risk to humans is still low while setting the stage for a major and this time deadly jump from animals to people.  The human population of the U.S. is still at a very low risk, federal officials (rulers) reiterated in a Thursday briefing. They say the public should be “alert but not alarmed.”

Infected mammals have been found in 31 states, with the greatest number of infections found in foxes, mice, striped skunks, mountain lions, cats, and harbor seals.

“The longer we have virus out there, the more possibility there is for changes,” said Lenoch, who oversees the federal program responsible for tracking the virus in wild birds. But nothing the ruling class has done has even so much as slowed the spread of the virus to other animals. And, they admit that they know exactly what mutations it needs to make to infect and kill half of the humans who get it.

“I know exactly what amino acids I have to change because in 2012, against my recommendation, the scientists that did these experiments actually published them,” Robert Redfield, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. “So, the recipe for how to make bird flu highly [infectious] for humans is already out there.”

So it’s out there, and they know it. Is this enough evidence to say it’ll for sure make that jump to humans? Who knows. But the information is out there that this is another plandemic. Especially considering the rulers have partnered with big pharma to make sure they have a stockpile of mRNA injections for the slave class.

Ruling Class “Advances” Its “Plan” To Produce 4.8 Million Bird Flu “Vaccines”


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