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Holosun EPS Carry: Fully Enclosed ECD Optic

It took me a bit to start implementing a Micro Red Dot Sight or MRDS to my Everyday Carry gun, the P365. That was due to many reasons. However, I did so not too long ago when I reviewed the Sig Sauer Romeo Zero.
The Romeo Zero was a nice MRDS for the price point, but with it being an open-emitter design, it became a lint and dust magnet. I had to clean the lens with a lens pen daily, and if I left it for two or three days because of pure laziness, a decent layer of dust and lint would collect.

Holosun Optics For All

I’ve been using Holosun optics for many years, and they’ve all worked well for me. I have them on my rifles and pistols. They come with plenty of features, are durable, and are priced very competitively. I started to notice when they came out with some closed-emitter MRDS for pistols and was waiting for them to make one for my EDC pistol of choice: the P365. My patience paid off, and they gave me the EPS Carry models. Of course, they are hard to keep in stock, so I waited even longer. My Romeo Zero was still working just fine, so I wasn’t in too much of a rush to get the EPS Carry. Every day I waited, I had to do my daily chore of clearing out the gunk out of my Romeo Zero. That started to drive me a bit crazy and was the right motivation to purchase the Holosun as soon as I could.
The EPS Carry is a fantastic optic for the price point.
The EPS Carry is made for slimmer Micro Sub Compact Pistols like the P365, G43/48, and Hellcat. It uses Holosun’s K footprint. Its housing is made of 7075 T6 Aluminum, which takes a 1620 battery that has a run time of 50,000 hours on the lowest setting. It has Onboard Shake Awake technology to preserve battery life when not in use. You can get it in a 6 or 2 MOA dot in red or green color. It has a rear sight notch cut out to work as backup iron sights that co-witness your front sight as a backup if your slide is cut low enough to facilitate it. Unfortunately for me and my slide setup, I needed to get some suppressor-height sights that I had a friend install for me. The battery does not require the removal and re-zeroing of the optic, an excellent feature that is much appreciated by all.

Here’s a brief overview of my P365 setup:

Base pistol: Sig Sauer P365 FCU
Slide: Grey Ghost Precision GGP365 v1 FDE
Suppressor Height Sights: Angry Bear Arms, black and serrated
Grip Module: Wilson Combat WCP365 XL in Coyote
WML: Streamlight TLR-7 Sub for P365
Holster: Allegiant Holsters AIWB

Preferences and Setup

I personally like smaller dot sizes, even for my pistols, so I went with the Holosun EPS Carry 2, which utilizes a 2 MOA red dot reticle. I don’t like to cover my target and like the ability to take more precise shots at a distance. That’s just my preference, so you do you.
Zeroing the EPS Carry 2 is easy with the 1.5 MOA adjustments. They are tactile, and you can feel the clicks as you go. Not that holding zero has ever been an issue with Holosun sights, but it’s nice to feel the turret click and lock into place.
The glass has a clear window with minimal blue tinting that is hardly noticeable. The glass is multilayered and reflective to deflect stray light away from your eye. I have had no difficulty finding the dot during the presentation of the pistol. The 2 MOA dot is very clear and crisp, even with my astigmatism. The lenses are durable and scratch-resistant, something that is incredibly important for a gun carried inside the waistband. After carrying it for a few months now, it is still like new, and cleaning off the dust is simple with a quick swipe of my finger through my shirt. No more lens pen!
The EPS Carry offers a super-clear sight picture and it’s easy to keep clean.
The 7075-T6 Aluminum body has been proven durable. I don’t abuse my gear on purpose and don’t plan on dropping it on concrete. However, I do treat my firearms like tools and use them as such. I’ve noticed that the EPS Carry occasionally bumps the buckle on my Mean Gene Leather Renegade belt, but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. The optic body, as well as the glass, are spotless.

Range Performance

On the range, the optic was easy to zero. It holds zero, I didn’t notice any Point of Impact or POI shifts. The dot is easy to acquire for me despite the 2 MOA dot size. The front, flat surface of the optic makes a good spot to rack the slide on with your support hand. With the small size of the P365, this helps with getting the gun reloaded.

Adding a Weapon-Mounted Light (WML)

I have carried my Sig P365 ever since I picked it up. I got to get up close at the Sig Sauer Booth at SHOT Show when they debuted the P365 many years back (when they still had a booth there) and ordered one as soon as I could. It has been the perfect concealed-carry gun for me. The gun has a thin profile and holds 10 rounds with a flush magazine. It took years for the accessories to catch up to it. I wanted a WML and a red dot to go with it, and thankfully, we are here with all the capabilities that were once limited to compact and full-sized pistols. That is unless you are Ken Hackathorn, who believes that carry guns don’t need lights or red dots or any accessories for that matter. The Holosun EPS Carry completes my carry setup, and it does it well, with no compromises. I now have a very capable pistol that I can have on me pretty much everywhere I go.
Initially, I thought adding a WML and red dot would make my P365 heavy and too bulky to carry comfortably. However, it’s not that much and well worth it because of the features they provide. I have been carrying this exact setup in my Allegiant Holsters AIWB holster for months now, and I don’t feel any hindrances, nor do I notice the additional weight.
EPS carry
On the range, the optic was easy to zero. It holds zero, I don’t notice any Point of Impact or POI shifts. The dot is easy to acquire for me despite the 2 MOA dot size.

Holosun EPS Carry: The King of Optics

Holosun did an excellent job with the EPS Carry. Having a closed emitter MRDS that closely matches the thin slide-width profile of micro-compact pistols; that is durable and reliable with a long battery life are all great features, especially for the price point. MSRP is $388.22, but as of writing, they are on sale at GunMag Warehouse for $329.99.
The Holosun EPS Carry was the answer to my preferred MRDS for my EDC pistol. It was the final piece of the puzzle for the perfect concealed carry gun in my eyes. I can identify my target with the help of my TLR-7 Sub in low and no light conditions, keeping both eyes open and taking more precise shots at longer distances with this setup. To me, it’s impressive coming from a lightweight and super compact pistol. I will continue to run it and carry it with me everywhere. And I don’t see any need to replace it any time soon.

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